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About Pandrol

About Pandrol Korea

Pandrol Korea commenced manufacturing ‘Pandrol’ brand rail clips in Korea from 1983 and started supplying the products to Seoul subway systems.

Acknowledging the superiority in quality and performance of Pandrol rail fastening systems comparing to conventional ones, Korean National Railroad has made our products as their standard elastic rail fastenings in 1984 and the products of the company have been supplied to KNR tracks ever since.


The company is supplying the products not only to transits and industrial track works, but also to the state of the art high speed railway project in Korea, which is to be operated at the speeds over 300kmph. Most recently, the company introduced the latest innovation of Pandrol, Fast Clip systems to the local rail ways, for the high speed tracks. Head office of the company is located in Seoul and factory is situated in Namdong industrial complex in Incheon. The company is fully accredited to ISO 9001 standard